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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Continuing the Gazebo Build

Sunday was spend installing the electrical. I conveniently have an electrical circuit close by that my other outside outlets work off. I ran conduit inside the gazebo from the entry point in the column across to the center where I installed a round box. This is where a fan/light unit will go. I then put conduit in from the exterior of the column to the existing electrical connection point.

 I also added another GFCI outlet, so now I have an outlet close for anything I might want to plug in under the gazebo. I found some plastic spray paint to use on the conduit so that the light gray color will not detract from the black of the gazebo.

Now, I just wait until I get the fan/light combo and install it and make the final electrical connections. Later this week I plan on washing (now just wash, pressure wash) the patio. On Saturday I plan to pour about eleven 80lb bags of concrete mix to extend the patio on one side. The following week I'll probably mix and pour another dozen bags to complete the other side. This will then give me a full 12 ft x 12 ft concrete area under the gazebo. Then I guess I figure out what to do next.

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