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Monday, April 4, 2011

It is almost complete

Saturday (4/2/11) was spent mixing and pouring 22 bags of concrete to extend the patio out an additional three feet. I rented a concrete mixer from Home Depot and that was the best investment I made. It is a lot easier to mix two 80lb. bags at a time rather than one bag at a time in the wheelbarrow. Of course you still have to lift them, but since the project would take less then a 1/2 yard of concrete, it is hard to get that delivered. I do have one more section, probably 6ft x 13ft that I would like to pour, but that will be later and a cement truck will be involved.

So Sunday morning, after the concrete forms were removed, this is what it looks like.
Then on Sunday, I also patched the crack in the existing patio - you can see the repair in the photo above. Then I installed the fan/light combination to the center of the gazebo. Since the center is so high, you can't see it in the photo above - here is one looking up at it.
Have to extend the switch chains on it, they are about six feet off the ground.
The next task was to assemble the patio furniture. Got this process mostly done - even with wind gust the reached more that 30 mph. Blew some cushions off, but did not tip over the furniture.
I can say that the wind blew hard all night, and is continuing today, and the gazebo is still standing. A good sign.
Now I just need to get the grass to grow in the back yard. I will post a picture later that shows the furniture.

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