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Monday, December 14, 2015

What is their story?

The other day I made a trip to our local Wrench-A-Part for some parts for a project I am working on. This is the typical junkyard where you find rows and rows of vehicles. As I walked the rows looking for a particular part from a particular vehicle, I wondered about these cars, vans and trucks. What was their story? What event took place to put them in a place where they would be picked over. Where people would scavenge parts and pieces akin to vultures over a road kill. Some appeared to have arrived mostly intact. Others it was apparent the reason for their new purpose in life. Damage to the front end, back end, and so many with the sides caved in. Were they transporting precious cargo when the event took their life or were they the innocent victim. What about the people that may have been in them. No blood evident, but airbags deployed tells a lot of the tale. As I looked through them for the parts, it struck me the condition, not of the vehicle now, because the interiors of most were in various stages of destruction. But, music CDs lying on the floor, cigarette butts in the ash trays, beaded necklaces, like they came here right after their life changing event.
Now they sit on old wheels, waiting for someone to come by and take a part, a piece, maybe a switch, a connector, a motor, drive shaft and the like. Giving what is left of them before the final end comes and they meet the crusher. Then shipped somewhere to maybe become part of another vehicle again.

One interesting thing about this place - I have heard of and seen junkyard dogs, but has anyone heard of junkyard Big Horn Sheep?