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Monday, March 21, 2011

Gazebo - Construction Continues

It was a good weekend overall for construction. had a few problems, mostly trying to do the work of two by myself. Like trying to lift 12 foot beams into place and balancing them on their columns until I could get to the column to put a bolt in. I ended up with this.

    By getting these up, I was able to take measurements and come close to exactly where the columns will end up. I marked both the patio and the pads. It also gav e an idea of where the gutter needs to go over the door. The gutter I installed on Sunday, after two trips to Home Depot. After getting concrete screws long enough I was able to get the gutter installed.

    I also added electrical conduit to the column that will go to the right of the door. This will provide another exterior outlet and the power for the ceiling fan/light that will go in the gazebo.

    Then I started the construction of the roof. I still need to add some cross braces and the roof panels on the side that will go next to the house.

    Then I will probably split it in half and put it up one half at a time and then complete the roof. I'll know on Saturday when I have the help coming.

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