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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weather is warm - time for backyard projects

Since taking down the teetering shed cover over our patio more than five years ago, we have searched for a replacement. We talked to several contractors who gave us quotes in the multiple thousands of dollars to construct a new one, whether for wood construction or for metal construction. The prices seemed outrageous. I had almost  decided to build my own using steel posts and wooden trusses covered with metal or fiberglass roofing material. The big problem was I did not want it to drip water over the patio door (who would use it in the rain if you had to walk through a waterfall to get under it) nor did I want one that was five feet above the patio on the "outside" edge. We do get rain, so it needs some slope.
A month ago (early February) we were walking through Sam's Club and low and behold, there was a patio cover (OK, they call it a Gazebo) that would fill the bill, or fit the space. Yes, we had to compromise. The height on all sides was fine - 82 inches from the patio to the lower edge of the roof, but, it slopes in four directions. OK, we can live with that, I'll put a gutter over the door so water running off the "inside" side of the roof drains into the gutter. No waterfall to walk through. Do have a potential waterfall on the other three sides, but a little post construction gutter work might solve that if necessary. It is metal (steel and aluminum) and is black. OK, not the best color for the hot summer days in Texas.

So, it is now in the backyard in two large boxes. Waiting for me to put it together. Already have a date set on the calendar when I will have some extra help come and do the heavy lifting.
Stay tuned for more on this project - including pictures as it goes together and up.

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