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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Amarillo - Another Trip

August 2012. Deb and I traveled to Amarillo to attend a WIT (Winnebago\Itasca Travelers) meeting. The meeting was an attempt to revitalize the WIT Chapter in the Amarillo area. The president of the Lubbock Chapter, whom we had never met, was also in attendance, along with 3 or 4 other couples. Lots of discussion, but there did not seem to be an interest by those attending to make a commitment, your truly included, to get it started again. after this meeting, Deb and I ended up joining the Lubbock Chapter, though we have only been to a couple of meetings and no outings. We had been members of WIT National for several years. Wanted to keep our membership alive, as in retirement we will probably become more involved. We did find out that the State Chapter of WIT will be holding its annual rally in the Palo Duro Canyon area in 2014. We will probably attend that event.
So, while we were in Amarillo, we decide to see some things that we have not seen before - like the Biti Pie Company.

This company makes little four (4) inch pies of various flavors, including pecan and coconut cream, both our favorites. They have a very limited distribution area and the cream pies you can only purchase at the Company headquarters. Other flavors are available at local convenience stores.

One of the other attractions in Amarillo that we had not seen before is the RV Museum.

The Museum was started by Jack Sizemore, the owner of Jack Sizemore RV. Sizemore is one of the oldest Winnebago dealers around and competes with Billy Sims Trailer Town in Lubbock. The Museum is free of charge and has a number of fasinating displays. Of course this was one of those times when all did not work well, and the battery in my camera died, so the bulk of the photos you will see are taken with my Smartphone.
Here is a quilt that you won't see everywhere - variuos models of RV's
Recognize this? Think Jeff Daniels, Robin Williams - this is the 1948 Flexible that was used in the movie "RV." Flexible was a bus that was remodeled most often to create motor homes.
The interior of the Gornicke Family Bus.
Look familiar?

This is very similar to our first trailer.
No RV museum can be complete unless it has the VW Van
 If you get to Amarillo, this Museum is worth the price of admission times 100 (free). It is located behind Jack Sizemore Traveland showroom/shop. Just ask inside and they will gladly take you to it. The museum is increasing in size and they have many RVs that are undergoing restoration that they plan to include.

Course no trip to Amarillo is complete without a stop at the Coyote Bluff Cafe. You can read about it in a previous post about Amarillo.

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