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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Trip is completed, now some of the sites

I think the last "big" post ended with our arrival in Quartzsite, AZ. A sleepy town in the summer months, it is a RV mecca in the winter months. Our original intent was to spend the night on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Land just north of Quartzsite on Hwy 95. We were low on fresh water and the folks traveling with us had there coach batteries die. A decision was made to spend the night (Saturday) in an RV Park. The Shady Lane got the "nod." Service was exceptional, a nice clean RV Park right on Hwy 95.
Walking around the town, one could see that RVs were an important part of Quartzsite's existence during the winter months.

After a night in Quartzsite, it was on to Lake Havasu City. We wanted to arrive early as we were planning on going to the Desert Bar outside Parker, AZ. Hwy 95 from Quartzsite to Lake Havasu is mostly good two lane. It has some spectacular sites - like this one coming into the Parker area.

Of course orange signs and cones are evident everywhere along our travel route. Coming into Lake Havasu is also very scenic. This is the back of our friends motorhome as we drop into Lake Havasu City from the south.

Going to jump a little ahead to Monday and our trip to Oatman, AZ and Laughlin, NV. Posts on the Desert Bar and around Lake Havasu will be in another post.

After leaving our motorhome at 3-T's RV Repair for a little suspension tuning, we jumped in the Jeep to head to the city of Burros. As always the road to Oatman (Route 66) provided some great scenic vistas.
This is a very scenic area that never ceases to amaze us, especially when the sun is at the right angle like it was on this drive.

Now there are a few dangers when going to Oatman, OK, not really a danger, more of an attraction. The wild burros.

Not only do they greet visitors to the town, they have a tendency to slow traffic. Joyce tries to lead one out of the road so this pickup can pass. The burros are oblivious to car horns.

Of course they can get really up close and personal with vehicles. They are curious and are looking for handouts. Carrots are sold by most of the businesses for the tourists to feed them.

It appeared to us that an effort was being made to keep the burros out of town, as on the south end, a business had opened which provided a feeding bin for the burros, carrots for the tourists to buy for feeding to the burros and of course the usual tourist trinkets. It did provide a great photo opportunity for those that wanted a picture with the burros.

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