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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Dog is in the house

Since our return from Arizona our lives have been focused on bringing home our new (new to us) dog. Annie (formerly Muffin) was picked up at The Haven - No Kill Animal Shelter here in Lubbock (Haven Animal Shelter). This search for a dog has been on going (at least by Debbie) for the last couple months. Dogs from Clovis, NM to the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex were reviewed (mostly on-line with some telephone contacts) until a "winner was selected. 
Annie is about two years old, she is part Terrier (what kind is still under debate) and what else is still being debated. She weighs about 26 pounds has long hair (shorter now, a trip to the groomer was her first stop), stands about 20 inches high and has big feet. Annie came to The Haven in July of 2010. She and three other friends were owned by an elderly lady on the South Plains. When she passed away, the family members took all the dogs to The Haven. We are happy to report that all have been adopted.
Being a rescue dog, she has a few little quirks that we are learning. She also has some great traits. She is loving and would rather be in your lap than on the floor. She travels exceptionally well in a travel "crate," we introduced her to her wire kennel where she will stay during the day for a while - she immediately made that her "sanctuary." The first night at bedtime, we took her into the bedroom and pointed to a dog bed next to our bed, she laid down and that was that. She now has a tendency to prefer that to the family room. If she needs to go out at night, she puts her front feet on the bed and licks Deb's face until Deb wakes up. 
At this time she will stay at the Tipton Pet Hotel when we travel. Maybe later she will get to go in the motorhome on trips that are just Deb and I.

Well, got to go walk the dog - Next time I will post more about out trip - with a post on the Desert Bar and other sites.

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