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Monday, February 28, 2011

The life of "our" dog

Spoiled - putting it mildly. When we finally decided to get another dog, we said it was going to be raised correctly. It would not be the "alpha" it would be a member of the pack. This means no getting on the furniture, no sleeping on the bed, no running and pulling on the leash and encouraging it to obey. Well, for the most part this has worked out. Annie over the last few days has begun to get comfortable with the routine. Even though at 4AM she decided to get sick. Once that little bout was over, she went back to sleep until I got up (not being able to go back to sleep) at 5AM. Annie had drank water and had a few treats, but had not eaten any dry dog food since we brought her home. So being the person that I am, I cooked some rice and added some chicken broth to it. This she devoured like her last meal. So, we will feed her this a few days and try and get her onto the dry food along the way. Of course once she ate a little, she started to feel like a puppy and promptly found one of Deb's socks to play with.
She still will not go out into the backyard by herself. If she is "pushed" out the door the first thing she does is stand on her hind legs, and looks in to see if someone inside will open the door.
With a little work, she could probably open the door herself.

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