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Friday, December 6, 2013

Rincon Country (West) RV Resort - Tucson, AZ

Our next stop was Tucson, Arizona. We had read in Family Motor Coach Association magazine about a 55+ RV Park (actually two of them) called Rincon Country RV Resort. There is an east resort, located on the east side of Tucson and a west resort located on the west side of Tucson, just off I-19. These resorts intrigued us, as they offered all sorts of activities for the residents. The west resort includes a wood working shop for the residents use.  We were also kind of looking for a place to spend time during the winter after we retire (OK, so we have 60 more months to work). Some place a little warmer than Lubbock. Yuma, Tucson and the Florida Keys and maybe even south Texas are currently in the running. I'll warn you now, this post is picture heavy.

Deb and I have stayed several times at what are considered "high end" RV Resorts in the past. Mustang Island and Lake Havasu City were both in the $50-$70 per night range. For this price you get nice paved roads, beautiful landscaping, controlled access and, location. We were convinced by our friends Dan and Cindy to join Passport America as it would be a great cost savings. Well, they were correct. Using Passport America for our stay at Rincon Country West reduced our stay total by about 50%.

The first thing we found after passing through the staffed entry gate was beautifully manicured landscaped curbs and dividers. 
Looking out the "gate."
Office is on the right

This beautiful setting continued well past the office into all of the park. This park, like the one in Lake Havasu City is a combination of Park Model homes and a section for Recreational Vehicles. Inter-mixed on some of the streets, (probably lot owners) but, for the most part in a separate area.

Looking down a nearly empty RV Section.
Typical RV Spot - Back In

They also have a separate section for RVers with Pets. We were fortunate to stay in the pet section even though our dog was at home.

RV Pedestals in the Island - One RV each side
These are Pull Through sites - quite pretty

Another view of two pull through sites
There are four (4) Pull Through sites around each "block."

In the information packet provided at check in (could almost be a binder) they provided a list of upcoming events that were taking place. Since we were there just before Veteran's Day, one of the events was a pancake breakfast to honor all of the Veterans. There were various exercise classes offered, from Yoga to Pilates. There was a swimming pool Shuffle Board Courts,
Courtyard at office area - looking toward pool.
Swimming Pool area - dressing/changing rooms on the right

Shuffle Board Courts
plus Bocce Ball, Tennis Courts, Basketball courts and even a model Railroad group.

Just a part of the model rail line
Great detail and engineering!

They also have at least two laundry facilities

 which were very clean and an activities office to get more information on what activities are going on, what to see and the like.

The people, both staff and residents I talked to were friendly and outgoing. One of the gentlemen I talked to, as he was helping to clean the Shuffle Board Court, said that he and his wife had started coming here in an RV. When health issues made it difficult to live/travel in the RV, they bought a place here and come every winter. Deb and I used this for a base as we explored other areas of Tucson, so we really did not make use of all of the things this park has to offer. But, we will be back here - probably before we retire.

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