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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thoughts on Minneapolis - June 20, 2011

Minneapolis is quite a town. Though I did not see a lot of it, I saw several of the high points. Things like the two story Target Store (Minneapolis if Target's Corporate Office), Mall of America and the Mary Tyler Moore Statute. Plus I dined in a few of the various eateries in town. Some chains, some not.
The skylines of Minneapolis were very intriguing.

Dining goes from the standard chain establishments to local favorites. One of these local favorites is called Hell's Kitchen. It has no relationship to the TV show of the same name. This establishment serves things like Sweet Potato Fries, Bison Burgers and Grilled Ham, Cheese and Pear sandwich, which as bad as it may sound was actually very good.

One of the things that did amaze me about the city was the amount of "skywalks" they have. There is a system of pathways that go from building to building and if memory serves, it covers something like 11 miles.

This makes it very convenient to travel through the city, especially in the weather that occurs in the winter time.

The two story Target Store seems like a novelty, however I and my fellow travellers found the isles to be crowded and hard to negotiate.

The Mall of America was also interesting. Though I admit I did ot see much of it. By the time we went here I was coming down with a cold and not feeling well. The first things that strikes you after getting off the train (free) which takes you there from downtown is that it looks like every other Mall you have been to, until you get inside. Then you see the Amusement Park.

Then you see the normal Mall stores, restaraunts and specialty shops. Specialty shops like the Lego Store.

It is a multi-level mall, and if I had been feeling better, I would have taken the time to explore it more.
Of course I guess you can't come to Minneapolis with out seeing thier famous/favorite girl, with a statute on the main plaza in town.

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