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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Amarillo by evening, Up from Lubbock Town - 07/01/11

This is our second exploration trip to Amarillo. The first was over Labor Day in 2010. We again stayed at the Oasis RV Resort, which is on Arnot Road about 10 miles from "downtown" Amarillo and about a mile west of the infamous Cadillac Ranch. Oasis RV Resort offers many amenities, besides free WiFi, it has RV Wash, RV Repair, swimming pool, laundry, club house and a restaurant, though this was closed during our stay due to a grease trap problem. This RV Resort does not offer trees, but it does offer wind.

The sites are large, concrete pads that are level and paved roads through out. Like most RV Resorts that we have stayed in, they do have some "full time" residents, but they are well maintained and do not detract from the overall appeal to the Resort.

Like I said earlier, wind is a commodity in the panhandle and on the south plains. this is evident by the multiple wind generator farms springing up. But, it can play havoc when trying to cook your dinner outside on a grill. So, my wife suggested that in the early morning when the wind was calmer, I should cook the hamburger that we were going to eat turning our stay. So here is the sight that people saw at 8 AM.

As stated earlier, the RV Resort is located close to Cadillac Ranch. In their own tribute to the infamous site, I guess you could call this RV Ranch or Motorhome Ranch. Either way, it is a great signature piece.

While at the Resort I struck up a conversation with another RVer. He stated that he had retired 16 years ago and that he and his wife had spent the night "outside" in all of the states and all Canadian provinces. He stated that they lived in South Carolina and that this was probably their last trip. We talked, like all RV owners, about the problems and joys of travelling in an RV. I hope that my wife and I can be so lucky to have such a great retirement.

We enjoy coming to this RV Resort and we think that you will also. There is a number of things to do around Amarillo. Some of our next entries will highlight just a few.

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