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Friday, November 13, 2015

Still alive...

Wow, with work and more work, there has not been much time for anything - travel, photography, blogging.... OK, maybe photography. The agency I work for has for the last year had a new building under construction. This building, about 9,980 square feet will house all of our administrative offices, a Data Center, Training Center and storage. The Training Center and Data Center are both constructed to withstand an EF5 Tornado. Only makes sense since we live along Tornado Alley. Part of what I did was every week visited the site and took pictures of the construction progress. With more than 65 GB, yes, 65 gigabytes of photographs, it has been a large undertaking. The photos are filed by date. I am now working on taking a few of those pictures to try and make a time lapse slide show that will give people an idea of the construction process. Not as easy as one would thing.  But, it has been with great joy that we moved into the facility on October 15, 2015. Now we are in the final completion stage, fixing door closers, touching up paint, working bugs out of the telephone and access systems. But, it is ours and we will be here for a lot of years. This rendering is just about spot on as to what the building actually looks like.

Dedication and a Holiday Open House are scheduled for Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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