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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Arizona Trip 2013 - Part two

Day two found us leaving the Lordsburg, NM Travel Information Center, traveling West on I-10. We had seen news reports of a massive multi-vehicle dust storm related accident on I-10 in the Phoenix area. Though we would be south of there, signs along the road provided a constant warning of things that may occur. In a dust storm they advise you to pull to the side of the road and turn off your lights. I can understand pulling to the side of the road, but I guess the lights of your vehicle would cause a glare and cause another driver to thing you were in the traffic lane. About 70 miles into Arizona we stopped at the Texas Canyon Rest Area. 

Even if you don't need to use the facilities this is a great place to stop and just admire the scenery. The giant rocks sticking up, "like a giant put them there" according a friend of ours. This also gives you the first warning signs about life in the desert. You know the one "everything out there will stick you, bite you or sting you."  This is advice I follow.  On this trip we did find something new at the Rest Area - a monument to Officer Noah Merrill of the Arizona Department of Public Safety who died just a short distance from this Rest Area on December 11, 1978. A fitting tribute. 
Monument honoring Officer Noah Merrill
 After going through Tucson
Downtown Tucson
 and past Picacho Peak(which has to be shown in about every western movie made)
Picacho Peak
we continued on to Eloy, AZ where we stopped for fuel and to get the motor home washed. We normally frequent Blue Beacon Truck Washes as they are reasonably priced and they do a good job. Especially since 10 miles down the road, you will probably never know it was washed. I paid extra to have the windows dried and the little gal that did the work pushed that rolling ladder up and down the coach and dried the whole thing by hand. That hard work yielded her a good tip. No, it was cash money, not "buy low, sell high."  Our goal was to arrive in Yuma by 4:00 P.M.. But, with good road, good traffic flow and a time change, we arrived about 2:30 P.M. local time. Another seven hours and 380 miles under our belt. Much closer to the "rule of thumb" that we try to travel by.

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