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Monday, October 14, 2013

Living History - Battle reenactment - Fredericksburg, TX

The morning silent was shattered by the artillery fire, a burst of machine gun fire, a shotgun blast and the hissing roar of a flame thrower. Enemy and US soldiers running and falling, shouts for medics, grenades going off, World War II was raging. All this on a rainy May morning in Fredericksburg, TX.  Sitting on bleachers, under a tin cover, 75-100 of us, many of whom were Veterans, watched a battle reenactment staged by the National Museum of the Pacific War, home of the Admiral Nimitz Museum. In a well rehearsed, well staged event, that took you through the duties of the various Marine units, the equipment they used. A glimpse into what it was like to be in a life and death battle, far from home in a very different environment. When we Baby Boomers walked away from this awe inspiring history lecture, we knew that our parents were indeed the Greatest Generation.
Staged on a three acre, indoor/outdoor exhibit, it includes a PT Boat, a Landing Craft and other displays. The reenactment is only held about ten times a year, but it is worth the time to go see. Tickets can be purchased at the Museum Store in Fredericksburg.

The "battlefield"

Jeep mounted Machine Gun - Covered, but ready.

Presentation begins - make sure you have earplugs.

Machine Gun demonstration
Jeep mounted Machine Gun in action
Members of the "Bunker Crew"
12 gauge shotgun demonstration
In the Battle - "Bunker Crew" in action with Flame Thrower
Advancing on the enemy
The actors
For more information - check out Living History - Pacific War Museum

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