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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jamaica Beach RV Park - Galveston Island

Rating 4/5 - Narrow interior access roads and high sewer access points are the main detractors with the park.

Located on San Luis Pass Road (FM3005) - about 11 miles west of Galveston, the Jamaica Beach RV Park resides on the Bay side of the highway. The entrance off the highway is marked by a large yellow sign.
As you can see the palm trees kind of obscure the sign, but you will see it. That plus the four yellow building on the property. One is the owners residence, one the office, one a pool house/changing room and one the managers residence. There is an unmark entrance just east of the main entrance that makes a good ingress/egress location for your trips off premises.
The office and owners residence from the east. Looking across a pond and miniature golf course.

The sites are all concrete, with, in most cases two sites sharing a single connection pedestal. One RV pulls in one way and the other next door the opposite way. This works well as if you are camping with friends, you could arrange to have your doors facing each other. Each site also has a concrete patio with a wooden picnic table. Cable TV is also provided and the channel selection was enough that I did not need to set up my satellite system. WiFi is also provided, but the signal strength varies on a seemingly day to day basis. It was adequate for email and for doing this post. There are two septic connections at each site, but these are high above the ground. Probably because of the amount of rain, they do not want the rain water filling the septic connections. You should bring an elevated hose holder, though I was able to dump without one. You just have to walk the septic hose (lift up and drain it) in order to assure that all the stuff has drained out.

For the kids, there are a couple swimming pools, a water play area, the miniature golf course and other activities.
Looking down one of the access roads. Nice concrete surface, about 14 feet wide.
The interior access roads are all concrete and measure about 14 feet wide. This is sufficient for travel, even if someone is sticking out a little way. The problem comes with turning the corners. Though there are flared entrances to the roads and to the sites, it can get a little tight. If you are not familiar with your motor home or travel trailer it can get a little nerve racking.
Typical RV Site
There were still several "Winter Texans" at the park. It was interesting to look at the license plates and see vehicles from across the US and Canada. There were a couple of vehicles from Florida there also.

The park offers other amenities also, like a $3 waffle breakfast on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Hot Dog dinners are also offered on some nights and free movies at their outdoor theater on some evenings. Plus, you can order a pizza and have it delivered right to your door. There are also Llamas located on the east side of the park that make a interesting exhibit.

Of course there are ducks and other feathered friends. Behind and to the west of the park is a horse riding concession, and a large vacant field directly behind that is mostly inhabited by snakes.

Beach access is across the main highway (which can be very busy) and to the west of the park. This is a public beach access point and there is a parking area.

This park is Good Sam rated, is a Woodall's 5W and Triple A approved -

So, would we come back again? Yep, just from a different direction so that we could avoid the Houston traffic. Like across the Bolivar Ferry, or through Freeport along the Bluewater Highway. Of course there is a bridge across the mouth of West Bay that might be an issue.

We enjoyed our stay, and will probably return.
Sunset over the Park Office

Stay tuned for more on the Trip to Galveston.

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