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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Getting ready for Grapevine

We are sure looking forward to our annual trip to the Vineyards Campground in Grapevine, TX. This is one of the nicest RV facilities around, especially for being owned by a municipality. This year we have a little change as one of our group could not get reservations for Thursday night, so they have invited us to their house for the Thursday night Hamburger BBQ. Since they live less than 15 miles from the campground it is a great invite. Then we have a golf outing scheduled for Friday morning (finally all of us are over our ailements and are able to play), then a trip to the Grapevine Opry one night, Great Wolf Lodge for brunch and a bunch of time sittin' around jawin'. There is a post from last year that shows the campground (RV Park) in case you missed those. The travel season is finally upon us .

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