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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Florida Keys - Key Largo - Day 4

Key Largo and points between there and Marathon were the order of this day. Breakfast was at the Islamorada Restaurant and Bakery.

This turned into one of Deb's favorite places for breakfast. While in Islamorada, we checked out the Hurricane Memorial.

In 1935 a devastating hurricane came through the area. Key West though not touch was cut off from the mainland when the Flagler Railroad was destroyed. Hundreds of people lost there lives and there was massive destruction. At the memorial is a tomb with the remains of many people. A very solemn place for sure.
From there it was on up toward Key Largo. We found that driving through the Florida Keys, as everywhere that we have travelled, you find those strange and unique items along the road. This is one of then.

Kind of like the marker at the Southern Most Point in Key West, I had to wait a little in order to get this shot that had no people in the picture. I don't think that I would want to meet this guy in a dark alley - much less underwater.
Continuing our drive toward Key Largo, we found this - probably what you could call paradise - it is a nice little fixer upper - didn't see any for sale signs.

I looked on Google Earth to find exactly where I saw this, and am was not the only one intrigued with it. There are probably a half dozen photos of this house.
In Key Largo we found the display of the Humphrey Bogart - African Queen. Sheltered and hard to photograph well, this is the boat from the movie.

We returned to the Hotel a little early, so I figured that I would just walk around by the hotel and take some photos. Along the side of the hotel is this nice wooden walkway along one of the many inlets in the area.
As I past by the hotel swimming pool, I heard a rustling in the bushes along side it and turned around to find this little monster.
This "little" guy is about five (5) feet long. Iguanas are indigenous to the Florida area and just in my little walk I saw four. All of them about this size.
Next door to the hotel is a restaurant that advertises that it is a Tiki Bar. We decided after seeing Tiki Bars advertised that it had to have a "thatched" roof to be a Tiki Bar.
And, we saw our fair share of birds. Like this one who seemed to pose for pictures.
We made one more trip up to Key Largo a couple days later and did a little more exploring. Tomorrow it is off to Miami for a boat tour and shopping at Sawgrass Mills Mall.

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