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Friday, May 13, 2011

Gazebo Update

DELAYED due to problems with

The wind has blown, and the rain finally came and neither has had much effect on the Gazebo. During the high winds, gusts of up to 60 MPH, we see some flexing of roof panels and occasional daylight as one may lift a little.
As far as the rain, what little we had (about 20-30 minutes worth with lightening)  drained off as it should. The house side drained into the gutter and was taken away from the door/patio and the other three sides just dripped onto the patio.
Temperture wise, it is a little warmer under the Gazebo when the sun is out. This because of the black color. It has it benefits as when the evening cools, it is a little warm under the Gazebo due to the risdual heat.
Would have posted this sooner, but Google is having a little trouble with the site.

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